We do the work. You save energy and money.

Energy Surety Partners develop and finance energy efficiency projects that improve operational performance and reduce carbon emissions while lowering operating costs by 25% or more. Our turnkey solutions include all aspects of project execution, no cost financing and ongoing maintenance
providing end-to-end service to ensure project performance and return on investment.

Our solutions are selected based on their ability to reduce, produce and optimize energy usage in a manner that can readily be measured, with sufficient accuracy and precision, to demonstrate significant monetary benefit to our customers.

Our best-in-class partners safeguard the quality and value of the solutions that we provide.

Our solutions generate economic benefits and deliver sustainability improvements.

  • Conserve capital for investment in your core business
  • Save money by reducing your current operating expenses
  • Capture non-energy savings associated with avoided maintenance
  • Increase the property value of your buildings

… and deliver sustainability improvements.

  • The fastest and lowest cost route to reducing your carbon footprint
  • Scalable solutions to finance sustainability projects across your entire portfolio
  • Reduce waste and mitigate your environmental impact

Our project development process

ESP assembles world-class project teams and employs proven project management processes to design, develop and deliver turnkey energy surety power solutions that integrate energy storage seamlessly with generation, transmission and distribution assets.

Throughout our project development process, we follow a rigorous governance structure that clearly defines roles, responsibilities and decision making authority to ensure that all projects are delivered on time and on budget.

ESP has a streamlined process for analyzing potential advanced power solutions. That analysis starts with an assessment of the customer’s power needs and operational context to establish a baseline against which to measure potential solutions. ESP then conducts an initial feasibility analysis that includes a thorough evaluation of project sites, energy generation potential, financial analysis, transmission, interconnection, permitting and environmental considerations to develop solutions tailored to best address the customer’s needs.
After acquiring site control, ESP begins a comprehensive process to evaluate power generation and quality potential along with electrical generation, transmission and distribution equipment to configure and size the system optimally for maximum performance and minimum cost. In parallel, our Land and Site group completes the site acquisition, interconnection application and permitting, as well as any environmental studies needed to ensure successful solution delivery. Following a systematic analysis to identify potential risks, ESP designs the solution to avoid or mitigate any anticipated risks. ESP also develops and executes a comprehensive communications plan that identifies all stakeholders as well as the content, media and frequency of information flowing to each stakeholder.
ESP’s Project Finance Team is involved, at some level, with every phase of a project’s development lifecycle. The Project Finance Team evaluates various contract vehicles (Lease, PPA/ESA, UESC and ESPC’s) to determine the optimal contracting vehicle to fast track a project and ensure financial performance. ESP’s Partners have strategic supply agreements that leverage economies of scale, driving equipment and BOS costs out of our client’s projects. The Project Finance group evaluates various financial models to secure the lowest possible cost of capital for construction and long-term debt financing, as well as any possible grant programs available to the project. 
During the construction phase, our world-class EPC Partners are responsible for all aspects of Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of a project. Our Partners provide performance guarantees and their own construction financing. ESP maintains insight on project status with regular reports from the EPC on cost, schedule and performance during project construction. In addition, they manage all transportation, logistics, safety and quality control for our projects. This model ensures that projects are delivered on-time, on-budget and as safely as possible.
Once the systems are energized and commissioned, our O&M Partners provide ongoing system support for the life of the contracts. Our O&M partners actively monitor the project, provide preventative maintenance programs, anticipate problems and address issues before they negatively impact system performance. Typically this is done by our Owner-Operator partners who have more than 3 GW of power generation systems currently under O&M programs. ESP also works with other turnkey O&M providers on a project-by-project basis, depending on the unique requirements of each individual project.